How did you decide on the priorities for the master plan?
We undertook an extensive public consultation process that began during 2014’s civic election. We then had meetings and discussions with a wide range of stakeholders.  We also conducted an independent telephone survey with Niverville and Niverville area residents. The results were clear and consistent in terms of the community wanting to see construction of a Community Resource Center that could serve the needs of all ages year-round.

‎What will it cost and where’s the money going to come from?
In total, it will cost approximately $16.5 million to complete the Community Resource Center.  Of this amount, the Town of Niverville will be contributing $5 million.  This will leave $11.5 million, which the community will need to raise through individual, business and government contributions.

Where is the Town getting the $5 million from and will taxes go up to pay for this?
The Town will contribute the $5 million without raising taxes for the construction of the Community Resource Center. This money is coming from the Federal Gas Tax and Recreation Infrastructure Levy. The recreation levy will be cancelled and replaced with a general borrowing levy named the Community Resource Center Levy, specific to raising the $5 million.

What does your fundraising plan look like?
Clare Braun is both the Chair of the Friends of the CRC and he is leading the fundraising team. Together, with other volunteers, they are hoping to secure donations from individuals, the business community, through foundations, and from our agriculture sector and church community.  They also plan to sell naming rights and, as mentioned earlier, will be pursuing both levels of government for funding.

When and where will the Community Resource Center be built?
The Community Resource Center will be constructed between the new high school and arena on School Road. Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2019 once all funding is in place, which we expect will take at least 12-18 months.

What will happen to the old arena?
This will be further studied and a decision by Council will be made after completion of this project.

Who are the Friends of the CRC?
Originally called the Recreation Steering Committee, the Friends of the CRC is a group of volunteers representing a wide cross section of our community. ‎The Executive Committee includes Clare Braun (Chair), Libby Hanna, and Clayton Smeltz along with Town Councillors, John Funk and Chris Wiebe. This committee has additional assistance from Town staff including Heather Miller (accounting/secretary), Eric King (finance), and Ryan Dyck (operations).

‎There is also a larger group of volunteers that continues to grow day by day.

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